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Food Grade White Mineral Oil. & Tech Grade Mineral Oil.

White Mineral Oil Food Grade Tech Grade

STE Oil Company is the leader in the white mineral oil industry.  Our industry based experience and knowledge has lead STE Oil to be your best source for a wide range of products. Our company is committed to developing partnerships with our customers, with the added value of our products and a commitment to quality and customer service.  Today, STE Oil Company has developed relationships with several different suppliers offering mineral oils and base oils.  Our customers ultimately benefit from these relationships by receiving the highest quality products at competitive prices.  Founder and CEO, Al Emfinger, of STE Oil has been servicing the oil industry since 1987, and with a service history like this we must be doing something right. Here today, tomorrow and in the future.

Innovation and strict adherence to quality and consistency, STE Oil Company has designed and implemented a white room environment to repackage all food grade white mineral oils. STE offers all of its products in wide range of varying quantities to fit the demands of industrial customers as well as the hobbyist.

At STE Oil Company quality, consistency and teamwork are the underlying principles in how we conduct business on a daily basis.

STE Oil Company offers food grade and technical grade white mineral oil to a wide array of different industries from the hobbyist to the chemical giants…. from a one gallon container to the 6,000 bulk transport load.  We take great pride in being able to accommodate your packaging and logistical needs. Our experience and knowledge  has and will continue to accelerate this company as the best source for white mineral oil.

Professor Hans Von Puppet Introduces STE Oil

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