1 & 5 Gallon Mineral Oil Containers

STE Oil Company has a wide range of shipping options for customers that need different volumes of mineral oil. Of those options most popular options would be the 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

The 1 gallon containers allow you to order a lower quantity of mineral oil. This is ideal for someone that is just starting out or that has limited uses for mineral, and don’t want to waste any mineral oil.

The 5 gallon containers are great for those who are growing their business but don’t have the means to store or handle the 55 gallon or 330 totes. With the 5 gallon containers they are the right size to have when you need to order oil in bulk.

STE Oil Company is able to handle all your product needs with our line of one and five gallon containers. We are committed to finding the right packaging solutions for your company with high quality standards.

We can handle all orders no matter how small from 1 gallon per order to ordering 1,000 gallon per order.

We have a state of the art shipping department that is able to direct ship directly to your customer.

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