Crystal Plus Food Grade White Mineral Oil

Crystal Plus Food Grade White Mineral Oil

There are at least three main categories in which white mineral oil can be further classified: Non-formulated, formulated and Dust suppression. STE Oil Company is a strong leader in all three categories. Non-formulated white mineral oils are essentially straight white mineral oils with no additives. These oils are used in a wide range of food grade and technical grade applications where purity of the oil is extremely important due to the possibilities of direct contact and incidental contact with food or human consumption. Formulated white mineral oil, also known as food grade lubricants, are straight white mineral oils which contain an FDA approved additive system that provides excellent rust protection, oxidation inhibition, and good anti-wear. These oils are used in applications where there is a possibility of incidental contact with food for human consumption. STE dust suppression oils are food grade white mineral oils for Grain Elevators designed for the suppression in all grain handling operations. Our technical grade lines of oils are used in the Feed Mills only. These oils have a good low temperature flow characteristics, and will retain their dust suppression ability through several grain handling operations. They will not develop rancidity or in any other way affect the quality of the grain or feed. STE also offers food grade petrolatum. They are odorless and tasteless, non-drying and rich in emollient properties. They are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as a base for salves, creams and ointments. Petrolatums are also used in veterinary applications.When it comes to questions about regulations and approvals, the answer is simple: white mineral oils cannot be labeled food grade unless they pass approval test.

Defining Requirements

FDA grade white mineral oil quality, use and guidelines for manufacturing, were originally provided by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF). The USP and the NF are national consortiums of medical, pharmaceutical and industrial representatives. Current nomenclature describes the heaver grades as “Mineral oil, USP”, while the lighter viscosity products bear a “light Mineral Oil, NF” designation.

The following is a current list of regulations for food grade white mineral oils as described by the USP and NF consortiums:

  1. Colorless, odorless & tasteless
  2. Free and nearly free of fluorescence
  3. Neutral to litmus
  4. Pass Readily Carbonizable Substances Test
  5. Meet Limits for Polynuclear Compounts (FDA UV Test)
  6. Pass Solid Paraffin Test at 0 degrees


The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Food Additives Amendment, establish the regulations for any material which could become a part of food either by direct addition or by incidental food contact. Food grade white mineral oils must meet certain standards of purity set down by the FDA in regulations 21 CFR 172.878, governing direct food additives permitted for human consumption, and 21 CFR 178.3620 (a)which governs food additives resulting from contact with containers or equipment. STE’s Crystal Plus food grade white mineral oils have also been registered with the NSF as 3H oils, which are defined as release agents where there could be direct contact with food for human consumption.

Technical grade white mineral oils are also ® regulated. The FDA defines technical grade white mineral oils in 21 CFR 178.3620(b) as oil refined to a minimum +20 Saybolt Color which passes less stringent ultraviolet absorbency limits. Most FDA regulations are very specific as to the application and the maximum quantity that can be used. The white mineral oil with the technical grade is petroleum byproducts which are highly refined. It is generally used in industrial applications where USP or pharmaceutical white mineral oils are not indispensable.

Essential Attributes

  • It offers plasticity and highly penetrable lubricant proprieties.
  • It has an elevated degree as an emulsifying agent.
  • This is non sticky.
  • It is comparable with all petroleum byproducts.
  • It allows foam formation.
  • It has low tendency to form acids and it is highly stable.
  • It is stainless.


  • It is used for agricultural fumigation oil.
  • It is used impregnating oil and component of textile sizing.
  • It is used for the manufacture of glue, polymers and plastics in general.
  • It is used as a lubrication of natural, textile machinery, leather industry and synthetic fibers.
  • It is used for the fabrication of the plastic and metallic wires.

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The FDA recognized the need for food grade lubricants and issued regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 governing their use on food processing machinery where incidental food contact is expected. These products are registered as H-1lubricants for incidental food contact by NSF, for use in food plants under the jurisdiction of the USDA.

STE food grade lubricants and white mineral oils are registered with the NSF as H-1 lubricants and may be used as an anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in locations exposed to edible products, and may also be used as release agents on gaskets or seals of tank closures. The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the intended effect.


The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) is merely and advisory body to the cosmetic trade. Specifications governing the use of white mineral oil as a dust control agent for animal feeds and mineral feed supplements are supervised by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


In addition to the advisory and regulatory associations, Kosher certification determines which foods are acceptable according to Jewish Law. Some consumers only purchase products that are Kosher certified. The demand for Kosher products is increasing rapidly. Carrying certified Kosher products helps distributors and manufacturers take advantage of this growing market.



STE white oils meet US FDA, USP and NF requirements. Most are registered with the NSF as H 1 and 3H lubricants, and are Kosher certified. STE Oil Company provides the very highest quality and purity mineral oil for use in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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