Food Grade Mineral Oil
FGMO Eliminates Hone Bee MitesFGMO or Food Grade Mineral Oil is a tasteless mineral oil that is a derivative of petroleum. This derivative petroleum product is further refined in order to meet the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration. In meeting or exceeding FDA requirements, FGMO is safe to be used in direct or indirect contact with food and food containers.The Uses of FGMOFood Grade Mineral Oil is known for a variety of excellent uses. It is excellent as a wood sealant and is useful especially in protecting kitchen appliances and tools from bacterial growth and stains. It is also widely used in biomedicine and cell culture.

In food preparation, Food Grade Mineral Oil is used in preserving wood cutting boards, in controlling food odors, and in facilitating easier cleaning. Since it is safe for direct food contact, it can be added in food as a fat substitute.

Excellent Alternative as Honeybee Mites Treatment

Honeybee farms can make use of FGMO as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative treatment for mite infestations in honeybee colonies. These mites are hugely responsible for annual losses experienced by many honeybee farmers, and contribute to higher cost in labor and treatment and lower production. Parasitic mites are among biggest dilemmas of beekeepers, since they destroy the colonies. A safe treatment alternative is to use mineral oil, in protecting honeybees and honeybee colonies, or more specifically Food Grade Mineral Oil.

Many chemical treatments available in treating honeybee mite infestations are not only expensive; they pose potential hazards to the environment and to human health. Since Food Grade Mineral oil is able to meet and exceed FDA standards, it is safe to be used in honeybee colonies as well as in contact with honey products. Studies and bee farming experience have shown furthermore how mites show a degree of resistance to chemical treatments. Honeybee mites have not been found to resist mineral oil, making it an excellent alternative treatment. Apart from being odorless and colorless, FGMO is safe for human consumption. This type of mineral oil is a highly cost-efficient and ecologically smart choice for honeybee farms and beyond.

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