Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil

STE Oil Company offers their soybean oil for a variety of industrial uses and applications. This soybean oil is degummed soybean oil added with preservative, which is ethoxyquin. Due to the flexibility and quality of soybean oil, it is used for a variety of food production, veterinary, and industrial applications.

What is Soybean Oil?

Extracted from whole soybeans, soybean oil is used in both edible and inedible products. It is flexible, high-quality oil that is used in food product manufacturing as well as in the production of inedible products such as caulks, mastics, plastics, and resins.

Once it is cracked, the soybean goes through several processes in order to produce soybean oil. These include soybean hull removal, flaking and conditioning, hexane extraction, degumming, refining, and several other processes.

Soybean Oil Industrial Applications

Soybean oil is used in a variety of industrial applications. One of these is in the production of caulks and mastics which are useful as adhesives or sealants. Soybean oil can be used as the limpid oil component in these caulks and mastics. These adhesives and sealants are widely used in a variety of high moisture applications, including bathroom and basement sealing. The use of soybean oil in these sealants ensures that they are pliable and flexible enough for adhesion and repairs.

Soybean oil is moreover valuable in soap making and candle making, especially as a release agent for molds. In soap making soybean oil produces neutral effects and does not pose potential skin problems. It is moreover a cost-efficient release agent, which doesn’t affect quality or consistency.

According to studies by the USDA-ARS Oil Chemical Research Unit, soybean oil can act as a significant replacement to petroleum based resin needed for parts manufacturing for automobiles and other types of equipment.

Agricultural Use

One of the best uses for soybean oil agriculturally is in the formulation of agricultural insecticides. It can serve as a carrier for agricultural insecticides, for the effective and efficient control of plant pests. The advantages of using natural oils, such as soybean oil, in agricultural insecticides are myriad. Soybean oil is a safer alternative for health and environmental purposes. It contributes to the effectiveness of the insecticides, while limiting the effects on beneficial insects.


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