Mag Plus Road Dust Control

Road Dust Control

STE Oil Company, Inc also offers the best Road Dust Control solutions. This is one of the necessary factors in case of the ecological and environmental attributes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, road dust control is the largest cause to particulate air pollution in America. The amount of dust that is produced during the oil drifting and drilling in the off shore area is five times greater than two other contributors, which are construction activities and wind erosion. Our products are assuring the dust controlling facility with all the necessary attributes that enhancing the CSR focusing on the end objective.

Mag Plus

  • A naturally-occurring material that attracts moisture to the road surface and resist evaporation.
  • Significantly reduces costly and time consuming blading, gravel replacement and complaints from the motoring public.
  • Improves visibility and safety with a smooth and compact driving surface
  • Creates an environmentally safe zone that helps protect nearby residents, sensitive crops, roadside vegetation and animals.
Mag Plus is made from magnesium chloride, a naturally occurring hygroscopic mineral that is sprayed onto the surface of your roads. Its hygroscopic properties bind the fine solid particles (dust) to the larger soil particles by absorbing moisture from the air providing you with maximum dust control on you road surfaces.
Mag Plus is great soil stabilizer. It is designed for deep soil penetration to create a compact, smooth Road surface.
Mag Plus improves your relationship with the surrounding community by decreasing the dust “kick-up” so much that you neighbors will have less housekeeping to do on their vehicles, landscaping and living spaces.
Mag Plus is a very environmentally friendly product and can safely be used to your most sensitive areas.
Mag Plus saves you money by:
  • Reducing the need for blading, watering and gravel replacement.
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance cost by lowering the level of dust that clogs filters, bearings and machinery.
  • Providing a smooth, firm driving surface which increases vehicle productivity, decreases fuel consumption and saves time
  • Preventing costly soil erosion caused by destructive wind conditions
  • Reducing the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation and living sites.

Preparation and Application Guidelines

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