Steel Tanks

STE Oil Company offers steel tanks as one of their bulk tank products. These steel tanks are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ideal for a wide variety of purposes – from food storage and production to agricultural and industrial applications.

Stainless Steel as Material

Stainless steel has many admirable properties. First of all, it is a rust-proof material, owing to its high chromium component. These tanks are not merely durable; these are highly hygienic as well. This makes steel an excellent material for food storage and production. Whether you are in the water filtration, dairy production, or oil and vinegar manufacturing business, these steel tanks provide a clean, easy to maintain, and durable storage system.

Due to the chromium content of stainless steel, rust formation is consequently prevented. This is especially important in food manufacturing industries. Using rust-proof, corrosion-proof tanks ensures that the best quality and safety standards are being met during food production and processing at all times.

This same ability to resist corrosion also makes steel tanks a highly viable choice in storing potentially hazardous substances. Since stainless steel is made to withstand extreme temperature changes, they are often a cost-effective choice for many businesses and industries. To prevent leaking these steel tanks are duly tested for quality, durability, and construction integrity.

Uses of Steel Tanks

Steel tanks are used in commercial, agricultural, industrial applications to name a few. From the storage of water to chemicals to edible liquids, these steel tanks are widely used across businesses and companies. Steel tanks may be used in dairy production, oil and vinegar processing, chemicals, and even waste water. The storage of water in steel tanks is also useful in fire protection. Whether for commercial industrial, municipal fire protection purposes, steel tanks can hold water for a long time and help control the spread of fires, including forest fires.

A few of the industries that make use of these steel tanks include the food and beverage businesses, pharmaceutical companies, sewage service providers, and agricultural industries. Agricultural businesses need a steady supply of water and other chemicals. Steel tanks provide a convenient, safe, and hygienic means in storing both water and other materials for agricultural or commercial uses.


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