Isotank Containers

STE Oil, with our partners, are providing  ISO tank container which is meant for the usage for carrying varied types of liquids, ranging from, but not limited to, potable (food grade) liquids, non hazardous, and hazardous liquids, including corrosives, flammables, toxics, and explosives. This container actually reduces the risk in the transportation of the liquids from one vessel to another. This is one of the best, secured, safe and highly cost effective. These tanks are cleaned after a single use in the cleaning station so that it can be ready for reuse. These containers are actually fairly uniform external appearance, the construction materials, linings, and vary in fittings. There are shells and fittings in these tanks. This is one of the main clarifications that one can possibly have. There are fully loaded tanks which can be properly handled due to its concentrated designs.

Advantages of Tanks

Tank containers are safe, reliable, and are a cost effective transport medium for moving bulk liquids around the world. Tank containers are designed, tested, and approved for the safe, economical and efficient transportation of a broad range of liquid products.

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