Mineral Oil Lapidary Saw Coolants


Lapidary Saw Coolant – Mineral Oil

Lapidary Saw Coolant Mineral Oil

Lapidary saws are valuable in cutting rocks and in producing hardstone carvings, but too much and prolonged friction often results in eventual blade wear. To prevent blade warping, blade expansion and wear, applying coolants to the blade is a huge necessity. The coolant not only acts as lubricant, but more importantly, as a cooling agent for any residual heat brought about by friction. As much as coolants are highly important in lapidary saw operations however, many of the commercially available coolants emit strong smells and also produce a lot of mist. These coolants are moreover present a huge challenge during clean ups – they don’t come off very easily and often leaves a distinct odor in your hands.Mineral oils are viewed as a far more excellent choice as far as lapidary saw coolants go. These oils or coolants produce excellent lubrication to the blade, while eliminating any remaining heat brought about by too much friction. One excellent advantage to using mineral oils is the absence of odorous fumes when in use. Mineral oils moreover results in easier clean up, as they can be removed from slabs with ease, and without leaving any unwelcome odors anywhere.

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